LISTEN: 4 traces for Vocal Sextet – Podcast by ABC Classic FM (Sung by the Song Company)

LISTEN: moth{s} for for flutes and ¼” tape manipulation – Podcast by ABC Classic FM (Flutes – Latham Horn, Electronics – Timothy Tate)

Endless Present for Wind Octet [2016]

From Afar for Two Violins [2016]

of unfamiliar stillness for Soprano, Two Clarinets, Viola, Cello and Double Bass[2016]

Veils for SSAATTBB Choir [2014]

Secret Melody for Solo Piano [2014]

Fracture for Symphony Orchestra [2013/14]

Ribbons of Rust – A live tape and synth improvisation [2013]


Infinite Regress [2016]
Music: Timothy Tate
Choreography: Anna Noonan

Performed by three dancers and two live percussionists, ‘Infinite Regress’ is a collaborative work by choreographer Anna Noonan and composer Timothy Tate. Drawing from a distilled palate of sounds and movement, this atmospheric piece journeys through a terrain of shifting patterns and scales. Noonan and Tate have sought to define a narrative that is both visceral and delicate in nature; A world that lies on the edge of perception.

Endless Present [2016]
Endless Present took place on 09.09.16 at the Royal Academy of Music. It was an event showcasing my own compositions and artworks, three of which were paired, sharing and communicating a central concept. A live deconstruction tape loop, inspired by the inherent generation loss in magnetic audio tape, took place during the course of the evening and provides the audio for this video.

Filming: Robb Gough and Alisha Ahmed
Editing: Robb Gough

Musique concrete anomalies for
tape machines, contact microphones, analogue synthesisers, violas and microphones. 2010

Projections: Timothy Tate, Sound: Cured Pink // Live at Ten10, Brisbane.
June 24, 2011. Footage shot and edited by Nick Rowan // Audio Recorded by Adam Rogers