The Concentric Sampler (Floppy Disk Sampler – Part 2)


I presented my paper The Concentric Sampler: A musical instrument from a repurposed floppy disk drive at NIME2022. This presentation took place on 1st July 2022 and can been seen in the below video. You can access the paper here. The Concentric Sampler builds upon my work with the Floppy…

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Floppy Disk Sampler (Part 1)


tl;dr – Scroll to the bottom to hear some weird and wonderful FDD sampling sounds! In my previous post I unpacked the idea behind using a floppy disk drive (FDD) as a crude sampler. My early experiments yielded some really interesting results, especially finding out that the compression/expansion of audio…

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The Floppy Disk Drive and the Phonogene


I’ve long been fascinated by the analogue mediums, such as magnetic audio tape; my creative practice often utilises a medium’s inherent qualities as a means of defining a listening situation — see ENDLESS PRESENT. For instance, with audio tape, the basic act of looping or changing the tape speed elicits…

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