Static Mediations [2021]

Timothy Tate | Lead artist
Zenobia Frost | Text

CRT television and monitors, Arduinos, hand-built circuits, VHF & UHF Transmitters, magnetic media / Installed dimensions variable

Static Mediations 2021 playfully explores the ways digital technologies increasingly mediate our experience of the world. A participatory installation, the work contrasts obsolete technologies with modern-day questions about the security of our data — including one’s face, voice and movements — and the uncanny feedback loop of algorithmically targeted content. 

Static Mediations begins with an interactive terminal, where — through the medium of a poetic text adventure — the participant is offered choices that impact the installation beyond. Inside, hacked televisions, cameras and various magnetic media observe, interpret and negotiate the presence of visitors to create a feedback loop of light, sound and text. Is this space an ecosystem, a friendly interlocutor or a panopticon?