The Concentric Sampler (Floppy Disk Sampler – Part 2)


I presented my paper The Concentric Sampler: A musical instrument from a repurposed floppy disk drive at NIME2022. This presentation took place on 1st July 2022 and can been seen in the below video. You can access the paper here. The Concentric Sampler builds upon my work with the Floppy…

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Early experiments in data sonification with a FDD (and string quartet)


In my previous posts I’ve been exploring my transformation of a Floppy Disk Drive (FDD) into an audio sampler. One interesting discovery I made was the FDD samplers ability to sonify floppy disks that hold data. In my post here I briefly presented a sonification of a floppy disk alongside…

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A pitch-based reading of a FDD


As part of my current PhD studies I’m working towards developing new compositional techniques through the repurposing of redundant electronic music technologies. I’ve posted about my latest work turning a Floppy Disc Drive (FDD) into an audio sampler. This ongoing project will have more updates soon but in the meantime…

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